Consulting Services

Consulting Services

We provide specialized legal assistance for every aspect of your import or export process. We are your legal and fiscal customs support.

Our Services Include:

Foreign Trade and Customs Law Consulting Services
Management of Free Trade Agreements and Treaties
Administrative Services
Inventory Control and Custom Compliance for IMMEX and Companies that Benefit from
Other Special Import and Export Programs
Intellectual Property Consulting Services
Corporate and Transactional Law Consulting Services
Administrative, Customs and Forgein Trade Litigation
Assistance to Negotiate with the Parties Involved in the Import and Export Process:


We establish a connection between you and government agencies like SAT and FDA, along with all the customs in the country, to obtain the permits and documentation needed to import or export your products.

Customs Broker

We take care of government customs services and prepare to accept the declaration statement. We collect duties and fees, the permission and approval notice, and we deliver the reserve to the warehouse operators.



We engage with this financial entity to make sure taxes and duties are received, and that letters of credit are generated and reviewed, to guarantee the payment of the shipped products.


Warehousing / Distribution

We provide guidelines and contact you with special carriers that will help you with everything related to the distribution and warehousing of your goods.

Consulting Services

Foreign Trade Consulting Services

We walk you through the analysis and definition of the best customs strategies with promotion and tax programs, to achieve a successful start of operations.

Management and Control of the IMMEX program

We provide training and consulting services for the people involved in your operation, and we can also provide on-site specialized teams that will offer the best control and management practices for the IMMEX program.

Intellectual Property and Copyrights Consulting Services

We offer analysis and filing of patents, industrial designs, copyrights, and trademarks.

Corporate Law

To ensure an easy and successful start of operations, we provide consulting services for contract review, registration processes at SHCP, and assembly registration at the Public Registry of Property and Commerce.

Administrative Litigation

We provide consulting services and legal defense for administrative processes that derive from import and export activities, as well as audits, queries and fines imposed by the authorities, and disputes concerning intellectual property and copyrights.