Aerospace Industry in Mexico

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

First of all, what is the aerospace industry? The aerospace industry is the industry that deals with the design, manufacture, marketing and maintenance of aircraft, spacecraft and rockets, as well as associated specific equipment (propulsion, navigation systems, etc.).

It is one of the most impressive economic and commercial sectors, since its manufacturing and repair processes have a high degree of complexity, together with its large scale and specialized operation.

According to Milenio, in Mexico, before 2000 there were only a few isolated aeronautical operations, but starting in 2005, the government began a great effort to boost investments in the sector in the country. That same year, the government of Querétaro participated in a dispute to attract the plant of the Canadian company Bombardier. The project of the new manufacturing center had an investment of 200 million dollars.

In just three years from 2008 to 2011, Bombardier invested another 300 million dollars to manufacture the rear fuselage of its new Global 7000 and Global 8000 business aircraft. Currently, the operations of this plant generates more than 1,800 jobs The Aerocluster of Querétaro already groups 85 companies and aeronautical organizations of different sizes, and that together, constitute a complex chain of manufacturing, consulting, processes, engineering and development (R & D); maintenance, repair and adjustments (MRO, for its acronym in English); in addition to their supplies.

The FDI flows received by the aerospace sector in 2018 exceeded 250 million dollars, which added to the accumulated investments since 2015, now exceed 1,930 million dollars. Queretaro is the main destination in the country of foreign investment in the aeronautical sector, capturing 31 percent of the three thousand 138 million dollars registered between 1999 and 2018. And with 85 companies in the sector, 12 research centers and seven educational institutions, has become the fourth destination of aeronautical investments worldwide

The aerospace industry in the state has grown above the national average, at a rate greater than 11 percent in 2018. In the next three years, Mexico will require at least 1,200 specialists for the aerospace sector. In terms of macroeconomic growth, the aerospace industry does not stop, that is why at DICEX we have offices and an auditorium in both Queretaro and SILAO to provide integral service to this great industry that contributes so much to the nation.


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