CBP recommends precaution when using WhatsApp in the supply chain

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

The CBP alerted recently that the use WhatsApp to monitor and follow merchandise can cause a risk on the security in the supply chain.

The American Customs Office issued recently a message to its members letting know the potential risks of using calls from WhatsApp. Said message was widely spread with the intention of informing all the involved parties in this operation.

One of the means by which the logistic operational status is requested is through phone calls, which is now a dangerous method of communication for the information exchange of day-to-day operations.

Members of the CTPAT, specially transporters, must take precautions to avoid being vulnerable to a phone call intervention. It may be the case that though a phone call, the control of the mobile device is compromised and be taken over.

The C-TPAT recommends keeping the app updated in mobile devices to avoid vulnerability on possible communication intervention.

To help reduce the frequency of incidents that affect the supply chain, the members of the C-TPAT must develop an integrated plan of cyber security that incorporates security controls and better practices that reduce the risks associated with advanced cyberthreats.

It is important for the companies to reduce the probabilities of incidents that may affect the logistic operations. Risk identification must be priority for the preservation of safety certifications in the supply chain.