Our mission is to become your legal advisor to contribute to the creation and promotion of businesses in Mexico.

Our services include:

  • Consulting in Customs Law and Foreign Trade.


  • Administration of Free Trade Agreements and Treaties.


  • Management services.


  • Inventory Control, Customs compliance for IMMEX and companies that enjoy the benefits of other special import and export programs.


  • Intellectual Property Consulting Consulting in Corporate and Transaction Law and Administrative, Customs and Foreign Trade Litigation



We can help you, giving you the advice you need to deal with all entities involved in the export/import process:

  • Government: You may have to deal with special government agencies besides customs to get the proper permissions and documentation to import or export your products, such as the SAT, FDA, and others.
  • Customs Broker: Deals with government customs services, prepares to accept shipping declaration Collect duties and fees, a notice of permission and approval, reserve delivery with warehouse operators.
  • Bank: Receives duties and taxes, issues, and reviews letters of credit to guarantee payment for the goods shipped.
  • Warehousing/Distribution: We can give you guidelines and contact you with special carriers who will help you with all related to distribution and warehousing.


Consulting Services

Ejecutivo realiza llamada

Advice on Foreign Trade

Through analysis and support in defining customs strategies and promotion and tax programs, we seek the best alternatives for starting operations in a clear, simple and effective way.

Revisión de documentos de comercio y aduanas

Control and Administration of the IMMEX Program

We place at your disposition the best practices in the control and administration of the IMMEX program through training and advisory services for those involved in the operation or through on-site teams.

Propiedad Industrial e Intelectual

Advice on Intellectual Property and Copyrights

We provide the analysis and registration of patents, industrial designs, copyrights and registered trademarks.

Ejecutiva trabajando documento de comercio exterior

Corporate Law

We provide support so that your start of operations will be simple and successful. Contract revision, registration in the SHCP, registration in the Public Registry of Property and Commerce.

servicios litigio administrativo

Administration Litigation

We offer advice and legal defense in administrative procedures derived from import/export activities, as well as audits, consultations and fines imposed by authorities, and disputes over intellectual property and copyrights.