Descartes MacroPoint helps carriers address the adjusted transport capacity

Descartes helps to provide greater visibility of the available capacity inside or outside your networks.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Descartes Systems Group, which is a Canadian multinational technology company specialized in logistics software, supply chain management software and cloud-based services for logistics companies, has announced that it has successfully implemented its capacity adaptation solution advanced, MacroPoint Diskettes Capacity Matching, with several loading agents. This provides merchandise transport agents with greater visibility of the transport capacity available within their network of transporters and cooperating agents, which helps them increase productivity. By releasing cargo capacity previously trapped by advanced visualization and analytical capabilities, transport agents can cover more loads, create stronger relationships with carriers and reduce costs.

Descartes MacroPoint, part of the Descartes Global Logistics Network, operates one of the largest visibility networks in the industry, connecting more than one hundred thousand road hauliers and more than four million truck drivers and assets. The scope and scale of Descartes GLN allows freight brokers to use the Descartes MacroPoint Capacity Matching solution to more effectively and efficiently match customer loads with the available carrier capacity.

The Descartes solution combines three main innovations: market visualization; Coincidence of capacity based on artificial intelligence (AI); and a capacity cooperative. Visualizing market capacity in relation to open charges allows merchandise intermediaries to quickly identify which charges represent the best match opportunity. By seeing the historical performance of the carriers’ lanes, freight brokers can select the right carrier, thereby strengthening relationships and achieving better rates.

AI-based capacity matching (AI) provides freight forwarders with the best qualified operators to call, and only includes operators that have available assets. With a classified list of operator matches, transport agents can cover the loads in a fraction of the time. The capacity cooperative provides an opt-in network (authorization of an individual needed to receive email communications from a particular company) where freight transport agents can selectively share their unused capacity safely and get a return in exchange greater access to capacity.

As technology advances, companies have more tools to increase productivity and provide better internal and external results. DICEX works with different suppliers, always looking for the best results for the client. We know that the efficiency in times and safety of your shipments is paramount and we continuously seek to improve in these aspects.