DICEX and its Strategy of Service Integration to International Trade

Thursday, January 31, 2019

In order to be preserved ahead of the curve during more than 30 years in the market, DICEX has evolved from a traditional Customs Agency to a service integrator, from the simple to the complex, since it integrates different products in 6 business units:

  1. Customs Broker
  2. Logistics & Transport
  3. Warehousing
  4. Technology
  5. Consulting
  6. Mexbuy – Trading Company

Which are being reinforced permanently, which is the reason why they make the difference compared with their competence, exposed Eduardo Cantú González, the CEO of DICEX, for Trade Law & Customs Magazine. 

Eduardo Cantú, CEO DICEX

We must face a significant challenge, which concerns the way to integrate all these products that we have been developed throughout time in order to extend the information to the client, and with that, the client may have a clearer view of the operations and events occured in his/her supply chain. Now, a relevant fact concerns not only having the information at the right time, for this reason, we are implementing a project by positioning the artificial intelligence to use the information that shall allow us to detect behaviour patterns and, with that, identifying a way to improve and optimize the supply chain. 

A fundamental part of this entire strategy concerns automation (through systems and information technologies), which is a field in which we have invested largely in the last years. We developed an interpersonal approach of all matters related to clients and the different products that we have within the Group. Concerning the hardware and software, we have achieved a great progress in order to have our own cloud. We provide the clients with this integration of data so they can make better decisions regarding their supply chain, increasing its profitability and improving procedures”. 

With the help of more than 2,000 employees, DICEX is implementing a single methodology in the sector of designing, stabilizing, improving and innovating the procedures and operations of its clients. 

Our purposes are oriented towards giving solutions to the client, whenever we have the opportunity to treat a potential clients, we tend to focus on their needs, their current condition in order to understand and develop a better way to do business within the framework of the supply chain and, for that purpose, we developed an internal methodology in which we solve their needs and integrate improvements. 

That is our vision, what can I do for the client to obtain a greater profitability in his/her operations through DICEX services? The logistics and supply chain field is where you may find the distinction of being more profitable and optimal than your opponents. As a part of the commitment, we improve the current process of your time cycle and your delivery of merchandise cycle. The most relevant part for us concerns innovation, which may be translated into plans to do things better”. 

Finally, Eduardo Cantú González, the CEO of DICEX, emphasized that they create a synergy of continuous innovation with their clients, combined with the challenges of disruptive changes they are facing, which are presented by the sector with major components to take advantages. 

It is absolutely important to maintain the communication with the client to continue visualizing and, with that, developing better practices, it is a virtuous cycle: the way we improve procedures, cycles, and applications. (…) In this part of integrating products, another stage is followed, which is actually our current pursuit regarding our strategy of being a fast company, which shall be able to adapt to the environment and use networks of established enterprises that are already doing business”. 

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