DICEX – Skyangel: the alliance that will get you further

Thursday, April 11, 2019

At DICEX we believe that to get further it is better to be accompanied. That’s why we have allied with Skyangel, a guardian who protects your cargo and the people who transport it, by sea, air and land based on 6 pillars of service.

1. Effective monitoring on security issues and resource optimization.

2. Intelligence through continuous advice.

3. Recovery of stolen merchandise.

4. Reaction in detection and control of risk situations.

5. Web visibility of the vessel or plant.

6. Strategic alliances with authorities and key actors.

The initiative with the management team of Skyangel seeks to promote the partnership to have a greater integration of services and give greater value to the client. From the sky of Mexico, USA and Central America, together DICEX and Skyangel we’ll achieve successful transfers making the trade something simple.

In this way we assure you traceability and terrestrial, maritime and aerial monitoring, whose supply of transporting value is something unprecedented. In fact, one of the added values ​​offered by this alliance is the legal assistance policy, which provides 24/7 attention through a law firm that specializes in land issues for any doubt or advice that may be required.

Eduardo Cantú, our General Director commented on the following:

“This alliance seeks to increase business activities, work as a complement and strategically generate a win – win situation opening doors to each other to commercialize and become a strategic alliance and an excellent option for the clients.

As it is well said, alone, people arrive faster, but as a team everyone goes further. At DICEX we know the importance and results of collaborating, so having strategic partners such as Skyangel impels us to be better at offering and guaranteeing quality services tailored to meet the needs of each client.