Epsilon Brokerage: New American Customs Broker

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

On December 14, 2018, Epsilon Brokerage, a subsidiary of Grupo DICEX, signed its constitution as an American Customs Broker.

What does it mean to be an American Customs Broker?

For Epsilon Brokerage, this signature represents the legal permission to perform the exportation and importation of goods from the United States.

It also means an obligatio n to help importers and exporters in complying with the Federal requirements of the United States for foreign trade. And ensures that, as a Customs Broker, they have the necessary expertise on procedures and requirements for the entry of goods, classification, valuation and the rates and taxes applicable to the imported merchandise.

To date, in the United States, there are just over 14,450 Customs Broker’s licenses * and more than 33 million entries are processed every year.

Epsilon Brokerage firma como Agente Aduanal Americano

In addition to their signature as an American Customs Broker, Epsilon Brokerage also celebrated the completion of its First American entry.

Congratulations to Epsilon Brokerage for this new achievement!