Export Tips for small and medium enterprises

Discover the points to be taken into account by Mexican enterprises interested in venturing into eCommerce.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Today, not only do we have to be at the forefront of technology for a company to survive and grow, but it also requires having basic documentation and permits to commercialize the products it offers.

These points are important to be taken into account by Mexican enterprises interested in venturing into the sale through electronic commerce. And we do not just say it, eBay recommends it! The arrival of eCommerce, the constant evolution of technology and online sales platforms are frontiers that have disappeared, and with it the barriers in administrative issues as well as export as it was traditionally known.

In fact, eBay shared that data from INEGI indicate that in Mexico, despite the fact that foreign trade represents 70% of GDP, only 1% of its value is executed by small companies, micro companies do not achieve it, and this taking into account that small and medium enterprises generate 80% of the nation’s jobs.

Nowadays, young entrepreneurs take courses from the same eCommerce giants to venture into the market, either through the eBay platform, amazon, shopify, among others; these are your gateway to global marketing, they give you courses on how to start, they sell advertising packages and grant you the right to sell through them. They explain you how to create an account with them, make a page, get known and start selling products exporting everywhere.

Returning to eBay, here are some tips that give small and medium entrepreneurs to professionalize their business in cross-border trade:

  • There is an investment to considerate, such is the opening of the online store, which can go from $7.95 or a standard commission of 10% on the item.
  • In electronic commerce there are no costs for exporting products, however, it is necessary to have the basic documentation required to send a product abroad, such as a letter of invoice and an air waybill.
  • When the product that is being sold is an antique or work of art or has a value above 800 dollars or is for human or animal consumption, etc., it is necessary to have complementary documentation that proves its origin and has the necessary permits to enter the destination country.
  • Although some products appear with free shipping, really, all shipments have a cost. It is the seller’s decision if this cost adds to the total price of the item or includes it as part of the shipping cost.
  • We must identify the term that in foreign trade is called minimis, which is the limit of the value of the merchandise that can be imported without the payment of taxes.
  • Review the shipping restrictions by the courier companies; For example, there are couriers who do not send jewelry or gold.


Online sales platforms work for many Mexican entrepreneurs looking to internationalize, since 100% of sellers reach an average of 190 markets around the world, including the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom and Australia.

Selling online is already a must for all companies, in DICEX we know that and therefore we have a trade company as a business unit, Mexbuy, this gives you the option to sell through online platforms and help with all the legal and administrative process Every entrepreneur needs support because we have to remember that alone we arrived quickly but as a team we go far!