Mexican eCommerce is rapidly growing

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

During the last few months, online sales have grown rapidly in Mexico. 

Mercado Libre, one of the most popular eCommerce platforms, has registered a 112% increase in orders countrywide, with a 45% growth during this period compared with 2019. 

According to the research paper “UPS Online Consumer’s Pulse”, that analyzes data from 15 countries, including Mexico, 79% of the consumers consider that the final price is the main factor leading to a sale decision

Also, 37% of the consumers focus on shipping fees, while 78% of the buyers are looking for a guaranteed delivery date. 

The data signals that 79% of the Mexican consumers track their products, and 70% check the return policy. These are two fundamental factors to retain customers. 

Another important factor that may enhance growth in this sector is the recently enacted USMCA. This trade deal opened the door for Mexico towards the digital economy, and facilitated new opportunities in the United States, one of the largest and most attractive markets in the world. 

The US registers around 282 million internet users, which can be stratified in different categories of needs and consuming habits, representing a relevant business opportunity. 

The data show that 93% of these consumers engaged in at least one online sale in 2018. 

Regarding online sales in the US, a 9.3% average annual growth in the next four years is expected

Without a doubt, E-Commerce is growing rapidly in Mexico.

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