NEO, intelligent assistant for the supply chain

Every company needs to stay at the forefront of technology in order to provide the expected service and maintain the optimum quality required in the industry.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Businesses around the world are composed of complex ecosystems with interactions among thousands of business partners, product SKUs, business systems, sites and devices. Each one is in motion, challenging static representation and quickly making data from business systems obsolete and useless.

It is impossible to scan, analyze, understand and manually coordinate all these elements manually. Therefore, managers must rush to address the most pressing problems, while leaving many others to disengage without supervision. The result is a poor supply network, with inventory accumulated in some sites, while dissatisfied customers survey empty shelves in others.

Neo is the perfect assistant for all users. It is a digital brain integrated everywhere and at all levels of the One Network cloud platform, the Real Time Value Network. It represents an army of algorithms that run in the background, scanning and analyzing data in real time across the network.

It collects and analyzes data from all sources, including business systems, facilities, vehicles and handheld devices. Neo continually looks for potential problems and resolves them before they erupt into major crises. Monitors the condition of your supply network, identifying emerging problems and problems and arranges them by modifying or creating transactions as necessary. For example, you can adjust orders according to the current demand signals.

It also analyzes and optimizes a whole range of processes, such as demand planning, replenishment and transport optimization, to continuously adapt supply to demand in the most efficient way possible. Analyze the plans and supervise execution in real time, optimizing the execution processes when necessary to ensure that the plans are followed and the objectives are met.

This secret weapon considers the impact of any change and chooses the most efficient resolution with the least amount of disturbance. You can use consumption as your objective function, optimizing the entire supply cycle, considering all the factors and restrictions, creating a truly efficient and consumer-oriented network.

Neo’s intelligent agent framework is based on a horizontally scalable transactional grid architecture, which means that Neo agents can run efficiently, almost in real time, spanning thousands of business partners and millions of transactions.

This intelligent assistant definitely gives added value because it greatly reduces the manual tasks that bind users. It also helps them to do their job faster and better.

It Identifies what decisions and actions were taken that violated the policies, or were an error and led to losses. This allows policies and procedures to be continually improved and expanded. Reduce inventory throughout the network, improve service levels, revenue and market share.

Real-time value network companies using Neo see dramatic improvements in a number of specific areas, including:

  • 20-30% improvement in forecast accuracy
  • 1-2% increase in retail sales
  • 1-2% higher levels of service
  • 20-30% less inventory levels
  • 15-25% less transportation costs
  • 1-3% less landing costs
  • 60-80% less staff for programming
  • Increase the agility, speed and transparency of the supply chain.
  • Simplifies and automates multiparty processes.
  • Reduces IT and operational complexity.
  • Accelerates the return on investment and the valuation time


Every company needs to stay at the forefront of technology in order to provide the expected service and maintain the optimum quality required in the industry. This intelligent assistant is a solution, which not only provides cost reduction, but also reduces the complexity of the operation.

At DICEX we know the challenges of the market and the industry, and we consider that tools such as Neo facilitate the day to day business and at the same time improves the operation, these through the information they compile with their algorithms, the functions to achieve Greater precision, effectiveness and transparency in each step.