New facilities at DICEX Queretaro!

Friday, March 29, 2019

Grupo DICEX inaugurates its new facilities within Queretaro’s Intercontinental Airport.

On march 7th, the new DICEX Queretaro facilities were inaugurated in the presence of more than 120 Mexican foreign trade actors from the main industrial sectors of the region. It is worth highlighting the presence of the integral solutions team of the DICEX Group, led by Alfredo Bernal, which created great empathy towards the attendees.

As part of the agenda, the entrance to the fiscal area was made, where an explanation of the operative process was given. It also showed the infrastructure of the enclosure inspected with greater movement in this customs office, which generates diverse competitive advantages in Queretaro. This venue won the quality award in past years, adding to the National Export Award that DICEX Group obtained in 2016, from hands of the former President Peña Nieto.

A fiscal precinct is a place where the customs authorities carry out functions of handling, storage, inspection, custody, loading and unloading of foreign trade goods, as well as the customs clearance of them. The inspected site will provide more competitive advantages to Queretaro, attracting new business opportunities related to international trade.

Currently, DICEX Queretaro dispatches merchandise in all customs regimes of customers in the different industries such as: automotive, OEM, food, aeronautics and final consumer goods.

The AIQ started the year with 38.8% in the volume of cargo transported, a figure that continues to rise. This growth is proportional to the one that DICEX Querétaro currently lives, since one of the strategies of the companies is to unload the arrival of merchandise to the airport of CDMX to transfer it to Queretaro.

Among the services offered by the DICEX Queretaro office the following stand out: customs clearance, special operations services, import and export release, opening and closing of transit pediments; charters, a scheduled flight service; hand carriers, which includes a dedicated messenger to transport your merchandise and arrive in perfect conditions.

The fulfillment of the operation cycle and the satisfaction of our customers in Queretaro are due to an air traffic direction headed by Josebeth López, and the management of the office led by Ramón Maldonado. Its pillars are eight coordinators who join a staff of more than 90 people, this being a sign of DICEX’s commitment to Mexican foreign trade and its growth.

Joaquín Cervantes, Executive Director of Operations of Grupo DICEX, marks as a priority within the strategy to focus on continuing with constant dispatch times and maintain a perfect quality of pediments, always relying on technological innovation.

According to Luis Javier Cendejas, in 2018 the AICM, as the main entrance to the country, transported more than 581 thousand 600 tons of cargo, 8% more than in 2017. Almost 480 thousand tons were international and 101 thousand 774 national. The scope of the airline industry is 1,303 airlines, which fly 31,717 aircraft in 45,091 routes; In addition, 3,759 airports are connected in the airspace managed by 170 air navigation service providers. Air transport moves 35% of the value of world trade (6 billion in 2017), equivalent to less than 1% in volume (62 million tons in 2017).

It should be noted that the Director of Institutional Relations of DICEX, Luis Javier Cendejas, highlighted in this great event, the importance of the Bajio Zone for the growth of Mexican foreign trade. Queretaro is established as an air cargo point that further balances the saturation infrastructure of the Mexico City Airport.

At DICEX we are constantly evolving to improve processes and operations, thus benefiting our customers and suppliers. We know the relevance of the industry in which we operate and with each advanced step we reiterate our commitment to Mexico.

Congratulations to the DICEX Queretaro team!

Enjoy a brief summary of this great event.