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GPS: an ally in logistics

July 31, 2018 11:01 pm Managing a company that handles all services related to foreign trade is a challenge, and the greatest of all is definitely to direct the logistics and transportation of the merchandise of our customers so that they arrive in time and form to the agreed place. Without knowing the exact location of each and every one… [+]

Bridge Colombia in constant Evolution

July 25, 2018 12:51 am As part of the efforts to boost foreign trade, Mexico has sought to promote the different border crossings it has in the country, such as the Colombia border bridge, located in the municipality of Anáhuac, Nuevo León, which has had a constant growth. This has been active for 25 years, however it is until a… [+]

The key to logistics visibility: connecting things

July 25, 2018 12:40 am The Internet of Things (IoT) is part of the logistics world nowadays and it tried to improve logistics visibility by connecting the fleets to help control shipments. However, these solutions overlook other logistical problems, including end-to-end transport, shipping conditions other than location, recovery of stolen cargo, and overall accuracy. Instead of connecting the fleets, the… [+]

The balance in labor force in the logistics world

July 18, 2018 9:45 am The balance between workforce between men and women in the logistics world is increasingly competitive. The number of women in the logistics sector dominated by men will increase in the coming years. It is increasingly pushing gender diversity to ensure that the trained staff is of greater longevity. With technology and the increasing automation in… [+]

Digital Logistics: From a trend to a norm

July 11, 2018 10:31 am Microsoft has established a partnership with OOCL (Orient Overseas Container Line) to develop artificial intelligence (AI) in maritime transport in order to help  understand and better predict shipping patterns and variables. This partnership comes at a time when traditional players in the logistics sector have worked to streamline and automate processes with the hope of… [+]

The last mile delivery technology

July 4, 2018 12:47 am Last mile technology needs radical rethinking! We need to stop looking last mile logistics as an exclusive challenge of the delivery department. The biggest challenge is to ensure that the processes and connections of the supply networks can be made together so that the supply chains satisfy the insatiable appetite of the actual market which… [+]

Trends in eCommerce in 2018

June 28, 2018 11:18 am E-commerce came with strength and is now part of the current business culture. The monitoring of the trends of it should be analyzed and adopted in due time if a brand is really going to be promoted in this channel; otherwise there is a risk of falling drastically behind the competition. In this newsletter we… [+]

COMCE, its Importance and Functions in Foreign Trade

June 28, 2018 11:04 am The COMCE (Mexican Business Council for Foreign Trade) is an intermediary body of the Mexican private sector, which is a member of the CCE and the Council of PROMEXICO. Its main functions are focused on the promotion of foreign trade, foreign investment and technological development. It emerged in the 50’s under the name of the… [+]

Russia: foreign trade and the World Cup 2018

June 13, 2018 11:45 pm We are a few days away from starting one of the most anticipated events, the World Cup! And the biggest country in the world will host it for the first time. Russia is a nation of 146 million people spread over 140 nationalities and ethnic groups who speak more than 100 languages, with Russian as… [+]

DICEX receives the 2016 National Export Award

May 21, 2018 12:40 pm On December 2nd 2016 we made history; we received the National Export Award, the maximum recognition from the Mexican Government to Foreign Trade. This award, given since 2009, is granted by merits to the ethical and professional scaffolding, quality, perseverance, creativity and innovation, which impulse the economic growth of our country. The award ceremony happened… [+]