We opened DICEX Silao!

Friday, June 21, 2019

The opening of our offices in DICEX Silao in the state of Guanajuato was held on June 6. The objective of this event was not only to present the opening of operations, but also to coexist with our customers, collaborators and business partners that added more than 50 guests, and to present updates to customs and general foreign trade.

The main speaker was Dr. Octavio de la Torre de Steffano, CEO of TLC Asociados, who gave an interesting conference called “Customs and Foreign Trade, Operational and Regulations: Update 2019”.

In addition, a tour was made of the Customs Area where the operations and functions of the intermodal processes were shown. This tour was taught by the authority. It is worth mentioning that the logistics complex Guanajuato Puerto Interior (GPI) has more than 120 installed companies and represented an investment of four billion dollars. (El Financiero)

As part of the DICEX management team, Javier Cendejas Meneses, Director of Institutional Relations and Marketing, Alfredo Bernal, Commercial Director, Juan Carlos Vázquez, Operations Manager, Humberto Jiménez, Integral Solutions Executive, Berenice Anguiano, Manager of Silao, were present, along with  two of our customs agents who operate through this customs section, Manuel Estandia and Carlos Martínez.

Growth in this area has been triggered by the automotive industry and Japanese companies, which have contributed 62 percent of total investments. Followed by Germany, with four productive plants and 29 percent of capital, Switzerland, with two production plants and 7 percent, and Mexico contributes 4 percent. 46 percent of the jobs are from Japanese companies, 23 percent from Mexicans, 6 percent from the United States and Germany and Italy, 5 percent each.

Intermodal transport is a robust infrastructure already established in our country that contributes competitiveness to the supply chain of companies in Mexico, generating savings, reliability in the service and greater capacity and displacement. The future in the nation is to bet on continuing with the railway development.

For DICEX, it is a great pride to continue contributing to the Mexican foreign trade, causing the growth of exports, offering a differentiated value and also generating employment.

Thanks to the DICEX Family for allowing us to accomplish one more goal!

Discover what happened during this great event.