Innovate or fall by the wayside? The automotive company General Motors decided to innovate and give a sustainable answer to all logistics companies mainly. In January 2021 it announced its new business called Bright Drop, which consists of an ecosystem of products, software, and electric services from the first to the last mile.

What Bright Drop offers

Bright Drop’s mission is to decarbonize the last mile in a smart, safe, and efficient way in the delivery of goods and services.

One of its main products is an electric vehicle called the EV600, which allows you to get more miles per charge than other electric vehicles and is also very lightweight.

Another product that complements its service for last-mile deliveries is an electric pallet, called EP1; and finally, a GM Ultium platform in commercial vehicles that features very fast charging capabilities.

Trace Grocery

But GM can’t get enough of innovation, and it continues to bet on last-mile delivery, which has seen an impressive increase since the pandemic. This past September 19, Bright Drop announced its new launch of an eCart, which will feature temperature control that helps streamline fulfillment and order pickup for online grocery shopping.

One of Trace Grocery’s main goals is to provide retailers with efficiency and cost savings, while offering customers convenience and flexibility when shopping for food or grocery products online.

Benefits offered by Trace Grocery

  • Temperature management for food for up to four hours
  • Helps reduce physical strain on the workforce
  • Automatic braking
  • Nine compartments to segment items by order, temperature, and product type to optimize picking.

Here are some images of the e-Cart:

First customers

As for the launch of GM’s new venture, Bright Drop, FedEx was the first customer to test this integrated solution, commenting that it had seen improvements and faster last-mile deliveries, as well as supporting the decarbonization of the planet.


For this new e-Cart launch, the largest grocery chain in the United States, Kroger, has been asked to be Trace Grocery’s first customer. A pilot test has already been launched with the grocery chain, which reports experiencing a good response from customers.


GM along with Bright Drop are turning logistics on its head and offering optimal solutions for today’s e-commerce and environmentally friendly demands and are expected to continue to announce new products that support the logistics sector.