International trading companies promote foreign trade by being the bridge or connection between producers and distributors in different parts of the world, thus boosting economic growth and increasing trade relations in a globalized environment.

In other words, trading companies are the strategic allies of all those companies that seek to expand globally, without losing their focus and/or attention on production; leaving in the hands of trading companies the specialized knowledge, the access to new markets and the commercial challenges that the entry to these markets brings.

Main activities

Its economic activity is summarized in buying and selling goods outside the country; however, this purchase and sale of products and services involves carrying out import and/or export procedures, accrediting the payment of foreign trade taxes, and complying with regulations and non-tariff restrictions.

Its activities are divided into three main areas: planning, logistics and distribution of goods. Here are their main functions in more detail:

  • Distribution: Receives products from manufacturers and ensures that they reach the right points of sale.
  • Promotion and advertising: Merchandisers are responsible for promoting the products they represent.
  • Inventory management: They are responsible for maintaining accurate control of stock levels, ensuring that sufficient products are available to meet consumer demand.
  • Market research: Prior to shipping goods, marketers conduct market research to better understand consumer needs and preferences.
  • Customer service: They provide customer support and service on behalf of their suppliers.

Benefits of a marketing company

New opportunities: Opportunity to gain markets outside your current reach without losing focus on your current processes.

Reduced costs and risks: By delegating import and/or export functions to a third party, you can reduce your costs associated with logistics, paperwork, and risks inherent to operating in unfamiliar markets.
Competitiveness: As experts in the field, trading companies can help position your company’s products and services more effectively in foreign markets.

New business alliances: International marketers can help establish alliances and collaborations with other business partners in different countries, which can enhance business opportunities and growth.

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Without a doubt, collaborating with a well-established and experienced trading company is a strategic decision that can make the difference in the success and projection of a company in the international scenario.