In May of this year, the first air digital corridor was successfully carried out by MADCargoLAB, IATA and the Madrid Chamber of Commerce in which it flew from Madrid, Spain to Montevideo in Uruguay, this caused that now the companies behind this feat is considered to bring the corridor to our country.

What is an aerial digital corridor?

Everything is modernized and digitized, but logistics is still taking baby steps in this area, which is why companies like MADCargoLAB looked for alternatives that allow them to digitize processes that can take a long time, such as the documentation needed for customs clearance.

The objective of this shipment that involved the participation of 12 logistics actors was not to use paper for any process and that all those involved could be aware of their documents, their approvals and monitor the traceability of the flight from its departure to its arrival.

To achieve this, all the actors used Usyncro, a virtual tool that uses blockchain in which they were able to follow up on paperwork and streamline procedures.

In addition to streamlining the logistics process, this innovation helps mitigate the damage caused to the environment by eliminating paper in logistics.

How was the process from Europe to Latin America?

  • First, each actor uploaded their documentation to Usyncro with visibility of them in real time.
  • Later, all the necessary documents were uploaded for the Spanish customs to give their approval for the shipment.
  • Once approved, the actors were able to initiate the procedures for the necessary documents in advance.
  • The merchandise arrived at the terminal to be dispatched. There, digitally, it was verified that everything was in order.
  • Finally, the merchandise began its journey and arrived at its reception at the Carrasco International Airport.