Within the national and international logistics there are different certifications, permits and badges; that allow to measure the quality and safety of the actors of the foreign trade processes. Some examples are:

  • OEA
  • OLA

Today DICEX Logistics has been awarded the CANACAR Advanced distinction, which is of the utmost importance and here we tell you what this distinction represents.

What is the CANACAR distinctive?

The CANACAR Distinctive is a recognition given by the National Chamber of Freight Transportation (CANACAR) to companies that have processes, policies, programs and actions that contribute to the professionalization of the sector.

Its objective is to improve the competitiveness of the sector, through its professionalization, promoting that freight transport companies adopt practices that contribute to making their operation increasingly professional, efficient, safe and competitive, as well as promoting and strengthening the culture of legality, social responsibility and quality in the sector.

As previously mentioned, the institution in charge of granting the distinctive is the National Chamber of Freight Transportation (CANACAR); an institution of public interest, governed by the Law of Business Chambers and their Confederations that represents the general interests of the freight trucking industry in Mexico.

It is the consultative body of the State for the approach and solution of the problems and needs of the sector, with the important task of promoting and assisting in modernization, as well as the development of this important strategic industry for the country’s economy.

Therefore, its distinctive is of the utmost importance and adds value to the creditor companies since they provide their clients and business partners with security and guarantee an efficient execution of their operations.
Currently there are 3 types of distintives:

  • Basic
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

DICEX Logistics has the Advanced distinction, whose benefits lie in the provision of training that allows them to be optimal in their operations and be in continuous improvement as well as giving confidence to their business partners that by having operations with accredited companies they will work with the best companies. in the sector across the country.

Which are its benefits?

These benefits allow us to provide the best service to our clients, thus giving the following competitive advantages:

  • Total confidence of being a reliable and safe logistics operator.
  • Have procedures with the highest standards that allow the reduction of errors and guarantee excellence in service.
  • Timely response capacity for logistics problems since we have expert collaborators in the sector trained in the most current issues in the field.
  • We have infrastructure and support that are explicit in the service provided to our clients.
  • Having a distinctive of this type allows us to have the highest quality logistics service supply network, which translates into having better rates to offer and greater installed capacity for our clients’ operations.

At DICEX Logistics we know that innovation and standardization of processes is the success of operations, so we demand that we have the best logistical distinctions and better certifications to simplify foreign trade operations to be the commercial ally that they need according to their needs.