In a globalized world, strategic relationships are an ideal alternative to optimize resources, innovate and access new markets. For this reason, DICEX and QIMA – NYCE joined in a collaboration agreement to boost the competitiveness of the companies that make up the sphere of foreign trade in our country.

With this agreement, we add capacities and knowledge in activities of Inspection of Products Previous in Origin and the processes of verification, certification and training in Official Mexican Standards (NOM), Mexican Standards (NMX) and international ISO / IEC standards, to allow access to the markets as well as the generation of savings in time and resources

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Since 1988, DICEX offers you a comprehensive foreign trade solution, integrating all business units, which ensure efficient transfer, storage, logistics, distribution and advice of the merchandise of its clients.

It has offices in Mexico and the United States, warehouses, ports, customs and controlled areas, where around 2,000 employees work, achieving the capacity to prepare more than 390,000 petitions.


QIMA is a leading global provider of quality assurance and compliance services that partners with brands, retailers and importers around the world to protect, manage and optimize their global supply chain.

They offer Quality Control services:

  • Product inspections
  • Supplier audits
  • Laboratory tests
  • Prior to Origin, which provides greater security and allows express clearance in Mexican customs for shipments imported to Mexico.

With coverage in 120 countries, QIMA is the fastest and most flexible quality control company on the market; QIMA has developed custom compliance programs that allow its clients to secure their supply chains.

Its unique and innovative digital platform enables users to have intelligent information visibility into their supply chains in real time for informed decision making.


NYCE allows importers, retailers, distributors and manufacturers to comply with the Mexican standards, regulations and certifications required for the Electronics, Telecommunications, Information Technology, Chemical and Plastics industries.

It offers services such as a testing laboratory at its facilities in Asia, labeling, consulting for market access and training, providing security and confidence to the industry and consumers, joining efforts with affiliated companies, to provide services to more than 80 sectors.

We are sure that this strategic relationship strengthens our company, allowing us to guarantee a quality service to each client.

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