Hello everyone, I am Meraki, I was part of the great DICEX family and today I am going to tell you a little more about myself and everything I do within this great customs agency.

First I’m going to tell you a little about the meaning of my name. Meraki comes from Greek and means to put a lot of heart, soul and love to everything you do and that is just how we work at DICEX. When we work with your products we want them to be treated with the same love and affection that you do.

We put a piece of our heart into helping thousands of companies connect with people around the world.

But me, how did it get inside DICEX? I know, it can seem strange that someone like me has a place in a customs agency, but my mission is focused on communicating both within the team and outside it the updates and curiosities of the world of foreign trade.

In internal channels, I talk to my colleagues about things that interest us through memes, stickers, advice and tips that help us understand foreign trade, but also do a better job.

In external channels such as social networks, you have surely seen me dancing and following trends in Reels, I like to do that while I share interesting information about business opportunities in other countries, as well as curious information about the products that other countries love from Mexico.

I have also been present in some DICEX infographics or carousels in which I give quick data on the subject we are talking about.

I like to think that I am a fun and dynamic channel that teaches current and future generations to understand issues that can be complex and to find business opportunities where you did not think there were.

There are so many topics we can talk about and I assure you that we will. See you soon!