With only $130,000 Mexican pesos you can buy a futuristic car, sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Well, it is not. It was confirmed that in 2023 the sale of electric cars will begin at a price ranging from 130,000 to 164,000 Mexican pesos.

Electric cars have been trending, mainly due to the pollution caused by combustion cars. Countries are seeking to decarbonize the environment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In some countries, such as the European Union, it is expected that by 2035 no combustion cars will be sold, a practice that will be applied in many other countries.

Automotive companies have been working for some years on new hybrid or electric models, the disadvantage of which is that their high prices compared to combustion cars do not allow a large percentage of the population to purchase them.

Quantum Motors Industries

The Bolivian company Quantum Motors and the Mexican company Potencia Industrial formed a partnership in equal parts for the manufacture and sale of electric cars in Mexico.

The idea is for the two companies to combine their expertise in the small electric vehicle market. Quantum has experience in issues related to the manufacture of these vehicles, while Potencia Industrial Mexico will provide facilities and production capacity.

Two models will be manufactured, the E3 and the E4. Both are small vehicles with a maximum capacity for 3 people and have a price range from US$6,000 to US$8,000 maximum, which is equivalent to a little more than 160,000 Mexican pesos.

Quantum Motors Industries and foreign trade

Another of the advantages observed is that these vehicles will be a great attraction for last mile companies that are looking for small electric charging solutions or even for patrolling in historic centers, Magical Towns and areas that are difficult for large vehicles to access.

The Bolivian company’s manager started since 2018 and over the years has expanded to Peru, Paraguay, El Salvador, and Mexico, where a new production plant will be built.

José Carlos Márquez, manager of Quantum Motors assured that the company will produce in Mexico to then export to North America, Central America, and the Caribbean.

Other electric vehicles manufactured in Latin America

Within Latin America, the countries that are at the forefront in the manufacture of electric cars are Mexico and Brazil. According to data from the United Nations Environment Program, between these two countries 10% of electric vehicles are manufactured worldwide.

Some of the companies established in Latin America are the following:

  • BYD Autos opened its third plant established in Brazil.
  • BWM in Mexico assembles a hybrid model at the San Luis Potosi plant.
  • Grupo ISUA in Mexico has designed 3 models of electric vehicles.
  • Sero Electric, Volt Motors and Coradir in Argentina, Zacua in Mexico, Luka in Guatemala, and Quantum in Bolivia are examples of companies that have produced small electric cars for personal use.
  • General Motors is starting to bet on Latin America in the sale of electric cars and is already marketing Chevrolet’s Bolt EV model in Brazil and Colombia.

The automotive industry is taking new measures, for the moment it is a trend the manufacture of hybrid or electric vehicles that manufacturers have begun to take, but in the not-too-distant future it may become a standard that all vehicles must meet.