Mexico produces fabrics that reach the whole world either ready-made or as raw material for others to transform. For the United States alone, we are the fifth country that exports most ready-made items such as pants and t-shirts.

In 2021, the total export of textiles represented more than five billion dollars, of which 87% was exported to the United States, according to information from the National Chamber of the Textile Industry (Canaintex).

Employment in the textile sector

Textiles in Mexico have their pants on well as the industry employs more than a million Mexicans throughout the country. Some of them work in the fields to obtain cotton, the main raw material for the industry, and others work in the manufacture of fabrics.

With so many people behind, the textile sector represents more than four percent of the national GDP and it is estimated that if the informal sector of the industry is also counted, the number would rise to more than eight percent.

What is most exported and imported

Pants and shirts represent 31% of the total exports of the sector. Among other products that stand out are also sweaters, surgical towels, rugs and dresses.

But this deal is two-way, because although Mexico is a large producer of textiles, it also imports them. In 2020, garment imports from countries such as China and the United States increased compared to 2019.

This derived from the pandemic and the low prices offered by some Asian brands such as Shein and Aliexpress.

However, not everything is positive, the textile industry has the opportunity to grow, however, smuggling, highway robbery and electricity costs pose a risk and problem that the sector must face.