Nuevo León recorded its biggest rebound in foreign investment since 2013

Did you know that around 60% of the investment projects that arrive in Mexico stay in the north? Why choose Nuevo Leon?

We know that for years Mexico has played an important role for the global manufacturing industry, and that is that one of our main advantages when we talk about foreign trade is our border with the United States, in addition to the advantages that the T-MEC offers us.

In this way, and since Nuevo León is one of the states that borders its northern neighbor, large companies around the world have seen in the state a great opportunity to enhance and expand their market.

The time has come to invest

Currently in Nuevo León there are 346 foreign direct investment projects that are under negotiation, according to the Ministry of Economy, 21% are directed to the automotive sector, 21% to other manufactures, 6% to IT & software and 5% to household appliances. .

These projects come mainly from the United States, China, South Korea and Canada.

According to the Clúster Industrial news outlet, these investments will be concentrated according to the Clúster Industrial news outlet, 355 will be concentrated in the municipality of Apodaca, followed by Ciénega de Flores, Santa Catarina and Escobedo.

But these large sums of investment would not arrive if the state was not prepared to receive them.

Speaking of infrastructure, industrial parks in Nuevo León have evolved into large-scale real estate developments where connectivity, talent attraction, and social and economic stability are just some of the factors that make them strategic for foreign direct investment.

Such is the case of the Hofusan industrial park in the municipality of Salinas Victoria, whose investment may amount to up to 1,500 million dollars in the coming years.

This project, born in 2015, intends to attract Asian companies for their growth in North America, offering them a strategic geographical position.

Within this park, until March of this year, 19 companies of Chinese, American, Mexican, German, Japanese and Korean origin operate, hoping to reach up to 100. Among them are Hisense, Manwa, Kuka Home, Bellinturf, Senix, Sunon, Jarlin Cabinetry, Skyish, Hapy, Hangzhou XZB, Yinlun Co., LTD, and more.

The manufacturing sector in Nuevo León has been the most important in industry 4.0 and many of these companies made large investments to take advantage of the benefits of these technologies.

Thus, the investment strategy focused on projects with high added value, intensive technology, research and development, which if confirmed, these 382 projects would generate 4,932 million dollars.

Some of the companies that have already confirmed development plans in Nuevo León are ZF Group from Germany with a technology center, Stanley Black & Decker that will bring eight of its suppliers, as well as Tesla, which although its facilities are in Austin, Texas , eight of its suppliers will be located in Nuevo León; and Lego, which expanded its production plant.

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