We have our own Information Technology (IT) team, so our tracking and logistics systems are unique: we use customized technologies to make your foreign trade process smart, simple and integral.

Dicex In-Touch

Our online communication and collaboration platform grants you access to real-time reporting and analysis tools, making your operation easier and allowing you to manage your foreign trade process securely from one place.
Dicex In-Touch is a platform that protects your information and integrates your commercial transactions.

Data Center

  • Tier III Data Center
  • BGP Multihoming Redundancy
  • Geo-Redundancy Data Center •
  • Real-Time Monitor
  • 24/7 Monitoring Services

Real-Time Reporting

Access and monitor all your operations 24/7.

Web Services and Interfaces

Customized web services and interfaces (ASN, EDI, ETC) that provide any information required.